ABV : 4.7%

IBU : 22

OG: 1.050

FG: 1.012


Non-Maine Sourced Items


    This is an English style ale with a wheat start and a earthy finish. With a slightly heavier mouth feel and less IBUs than our other beers makes this a great beer to share with friends at the end of the day or at lunch or also with bacon and eggs in the morning … I guess it pretty much goes well anytime of the day.

    Where did the name come from?

    Pat’s Beard is named for a friend and supporter of ours, he is the type of guy who will give you the shirt of his back and deliver it to you. He always has time to lend a hand and play the high five game with the kids. While we cannot say enough great things about Pat, it is his amazing beard that sets him aside from others. There is only one word to describe his beard “Glorious”.

    ** Disclaimer

    We did not use any beard or beard related products in this beer. We used normal everyday brewers yeast.