ABV : 5.0%

IBU : 65

OG: 1.050

FG: 1.010


Non-Maine Sourced Items


    We created the SMashed Project to help us gauge and understand the different hop varieties available in Maine. We brewed four separate beers that the only difference was the hops used. The base itself is a simple single malt consisting of a 2 row pale barley. There are no added sugars or fining ingredients. While this project started as test it developed into some of favorite beers. With the thought of choosing one single beer to represent the SmaSHed project in our line up, we could not decided. Each beer has such a distinct taste and feel we fell in love with them all. Being that we want to share them all with you we decided to release all four beers at part of the same label and rotate the hop varieties. The characteristic’s range from hoppy citrus flavor to a more gentle earth toned flavor.

    Which one will be your favorite?